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 Uyo for the Rage?

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Uyo for the Rage? Empty
PostSubject: Uyo for the Rage?   Uyo for the Rage? EmptyTue Oct 21, 2014 4:26 pm

I was testing a new Uyo EDH build in 2hg with SS as my wingman.  SS was royally mana screwed - mulled to 5 and ended up with a island and an ancient tomb and a couple a green cards.  He drew Sol Ring, and a few high CC cards, but never a 3rd land, and Stormsurge took out his Tomb with a Strip Mine.

I'm hot out the gate, tho, with a t2 crypt/solemn, t3 tamiyo, t4 vault, uyo, thassa.  One guy plays dictate of kruphix at the end of SS's turn, so my plan is to cast Time Stretch, copy with uyo and hopefully fine something to help my pard out or to seal the game in the next 8-12 cards (2 per turn + thassa scry).

So when I play it, it gets countered, but I topped a lucky pact of negation and manage to stick both for 4 turns.

And this happens:
wow, big image is big, is there a way to fit to frame or something?:

Cry me a river.  Very Happy
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Uyo for the Rage? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Uyo for the Rage?   Uyo for the Rage? EmptyWed Oct 22, 2014 4:37 pm

what i do is: click the double square upload click then browse. click host. copy the address to that uploaded pic. then i click the single square upload and paste the address into it and insert.

[img]Uyo for the Rage? Angel_10[/img]
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Uyo for the Rage?
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